What I Do

My mission is to do whatever it takes to help people feel safe and gratified when interacting with a brand or product. My UX philosophy and approach is aimed at influencing controllable variables to evoke a positive emotional response and create a memorable experience.

This is accomplished through careful research and evaluation of a combination of human factors, design guidelines, and understanding of the relevant marketplace. This in-depth discovery enables me to recommend new and emerging usability techniques, process improvements, aesthetically pleasing design elements and proper placement tactics that will effectively resonate and drive action with the target audience.

My Experience

My expertise extends to refining concepts and designs to achieve the best results for applications and websites. This includes maintaining a brand’s visual integrity across mobile and desktop platforms in a way that’s intuitive to use and supports usability best practices.

I have extensive experience in clearly communicating usability testing results and findings, as well as providing recommendations, and potential design solutions to developers, designers, and executive leadership.

I have successfully lead projects to help brands achieve high quality User Centered Design within short timeframes.

Industries I’ve served include: Builders, Education, Transportation, Jewelry, and many more sectors.

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Landing Pages

Landing Pages


Skills & Services

Web, Graphics, Multimedia & SEO

I have 10+ years of experience working on webdesign, graphic and multimedia  projects. I specialize in User Interface design, using the recent phase of Responsive Webdesign. While working on any project related to Websites, I try to focus and deliver best userface for end user/client to get best output of project.

My goal is to give the best and easiest user interface for end user to get desired results to my client.

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The Salvation Army | Annual Report

One of my favorite project, which gave me lot of flexiblity and room to experiment the new style. Tried to use the parellax scrolling to display the pages and used CSS to give animation to the content.

kunalamin.com-Salvation Army Annual Report